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The Media Line: Critical Aid for Gaza Piles Up at Egyptian Border Amid Rafah Crossing Closure


Critical Aid for Gaza Piles Up at Egyptian Border Amid Rafah Crossing Closure

By The Media Line The Media Line Staff

United Nations officials expressed deep concern on Monday as critical supplies of food and medicine destined for Gaza accumulated in Egypt, hindered by the continued closure of the Rafah crossing. This interruption has significantly disrupted aid delivery efforts in the midst of Israel’s intensified military operations against Hamas.

Edem Wosornu, a senior UN aid official, described the situation in Gaza as dire, likening it to “a catastrophe, a nightmare, as hell on earth.” She reported to the UN Security Council that over 82,000 metric tonnes of essential supplies have been stalled due to the crossing’s closure. The crossing’s closure, attributed by Egypt to the ongoing military threats, has prevented the delivery of aid that many in Gaza desperately need as they face an Israeli military onslaught.

The conflict, which escalated following a severe attack by Hamas on October 7, has led to significant civilian displacement, with UN estimates suggesting that 900,000 people have been forced to flee from Rafah alone. Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan defended the military actions at the Security Council, arguing the necessity of targeting Hamas in Rafah and advocating for the temporary relocation of civilians to safer zones.

Meanwhile, aid logistics continue to face challenges, including the limited operation of the newly established US-built pier. Despite initial successes, aid delivery from this pier has been inconsistent, with no aid received in recent days due to security concerns and logistical complications. The pier, part of a US initiative costing an estimated $320 million, was designed to handle up to 150 trucks per day but has fallen short of these expectations.

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