Black Hawk Hosts 6th Annual T-Joint Fillet Weld Invitational in Kewanee


Black Hawk College East Campus hosted the 6th Annual T-Joint Fillet Weld Invitational at the Welding and Skilled Trades Center in downtown Kewanee. The goal is to provide a competitive welding contest in a state-of-the-art welding facility that allows high school students to test their skills. A total of 49 students from seven high schools registered for the competition.

Top 3 teams

  1. Sherrard High School, Team 1
  2. Mercer County High School, Team 1
  3. Knoxville High School

Top 10 individuals

  1. Keegan Miller – Sherrard, Team 1
  2. Levi Schurr – Sherrard, Team 1
  3. Hunter Breiby – Sherrard, Team 1
  4. Michael Brown – Mercer County, Team 1
  5. Hunter Cederstrom – Sherrard, Team 1
  6. Noah Parr – Orion High School
  7. Jason Dailey – Kewanee High School, Team 1
  8. Bodie Salmon – Mercer County, Team 2
  9. Dalton Hutchinson – Knoxville
  10. Noah Daily – Knoxville

Students from Rockridge High School and ROWVA High School also participated in the event.

View photos from the contest, including all of the winning teams and individuals, at

1st team – Sherrard Team 1
1st individual – Keegan Miller – Sherrard

Thanks to Martin Engineering in Neponset for sponsoring the contest for the sixth year!

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