Galesburg Fire Department Praised by Illinois EPA for Containing Diesel Fuel Leak into Lake Storey


The Illinois EPA praised the efforts of the Galesburg Fire Department for containing a diesel fuel leak in Lake Storey.  The Galesburg Fire Department responded to a call for a possible diesel fuel leak at or near 3150 Log City Trail near South Lake Storey on February 8, 2024, at 4:04 PM.  The Fremont Street Crew discovered diesel fuel leaking from a nearby building into a small creek that flows into Lake Storey. The Galesburg Fire Department Hazardous Materials Team was dispatched to contain the spill and used large absorbent booms to contain the spill in a small area of the lake. The Illinois EPA will continue to oversee the remediation of the site.

The Illinois Department of Central Management Services is working with remediation experts to address any issues resulting from the fuel leak and stated: “The health and safety of the residents of Illinois continues to be a top priority.” The Illinois EPA indicated the leak had successfully been stopped, and the State of Illinois had hired an environmental contractor. “The Illinois EPA stated they appreciated the work of the Galesburg Fire Department in containing any impact on Lake Storey.”

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