Rock Falls Chamber Announces Resignation


The Rock Falls Chamber Board of Directors announce with sadness and gratitude that Bethany Bland will be resigning as President of the Rock Falls Chamber. Bethany joined the Chamber in 2005 and was appointed as President in May 2012. Since then, she has led the organization to financial and operational stability, developed programing and resources for small business to reach their full potential, coordinated many community festivals, and promoted local business in the Rock Falls area, among many other accomplishments. She has exemplified the Chamber’s mission “to provide vision and leadership for business success and civic well-being.”

“The Rock Falls Chamber is strong today because of Bethany’s tireless efforts over the years,” said Eric Epps, Rock Falls Chamber Board Chair. “Her leadership and vision will be greatly missed, but I am confident that the Chamber will continue to be successful because she has invested in building a team that will carry that vision forward and bring fresh new ideas. Sam has shown great leadership in her time with the Chamber, and I am confident that she will guide us through this transition and the Board looks forward to working together to support our businesses and community.”

Sam Smith, who has served as the Chamber’s Program Coordinator since 2019, has been appointed as Interim Director. The Board is confident that Sam’s continued leadership will ensure a smooth transition, small business will be supported, and that popular upcoming events like Summer Splash will continue to serve our community. Sam has a background in leadership, organizational management, local marketing, and event planning. “Sam’s greatest quality as a Chamber employee is her heart for this community and work ethic,” says Bethany Bland. “She works hard for our members and has brought growth and fresh ideas to community outreach events.”

For over sixty years, the Rock Falls Chamber has fostered growth, connections, and community involvement. The staff and volunteers provide resources and training to small businesses, support relationships between organizations, lead community projects, and organize community outreach events.

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