Stoller Reacts to Passage of Legislation Targeting


State Senator Win Stoller (R-Germantown Hills) released the following statement on House Bill 218, which allows the Attorney General, counties, and private citizens to sue members of the firearm industry for vaguely defined so-called “unlawful business and marketing practices.”

“Yet again, we are seeing the Democratic Super-Majority push through legislation to limit law-abiding citizens access to their constitutional right. House Bill 218 was intentionally written in a vague manner in order to allow the Attorney General to weaponize his office to go after members of the firearm industry in the hopes of putting FFLs and gun manufacturers out of business.

“This piece of legislation poses a potential and real threat to the existence of gun manufacturers who provide good-paying jobs and local economic benefits, including at least one large, nationally recognized manufacturer within the 37th Senate District.”

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