Kennady Anderson Honored at Wethersfield School Board Meeting for All-State Academic Team


The Wethersfield School Board meeting started by honoring Kennady Anderson for being named to the IHSA All-State Academic Team. Twenty-six students, 13 male and 13 female, are selected each year for the honor. “This is a tremendous honor and I hope every student who was nominated takes a great deal of pride in all that they have accomplished,” said IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson.

Board President Dan Bryan said, “Kennady Anderson, on behalf of the entire Wethersfield School District, I extend our heartfelt congratulations to you on being selected for the prestigious IHSA All-State academic team. This complement is a testament to your exceptional dedication, hard work, and academic excellence. Your commitment to both your studies and extracurricular activities is truly commendable. You have demonstrated outstanding leadership, character, and relentless pursuit of excellence in all that you do. Your achievements not only reflect positively on yourself but also bring honor to our school and community. Being named to the ISAH All-State Academic Team is a remarkable achievement that is a well-deserved recognition of your academic prowess and contributions to our school. Your determination and passion for learning serve as an inspiration to your peers and educators alike. As you continue on your academic journey, we have no doubt you will continue to excel and make a positive impact on everything you pursue. We are immensely proud of your accomplishments and wish you continued success in all your future endeavors. Once again, congratulations on this outstanding achievement, Kennady; you have made us all proud.”

The board voted to approve the quote from Potter and Sons for asphalt repair work.  The bid was $20,600.

Polar King has two freezer sizes to replace the current freezer, which is costing the district thousands of dollars a year in repairs.  The recommended 12×20 freezer is almost $60,000.  The 12×15 freezer, which is the current size, is $53,000.  The plan is to have the freezer installed this summer.  The freezer is built offsite and delivered to the school.  The new freezer is insulated and energy-efficient.  The school cafeteria fund has the funds to purchase a new freezer.  The current freezer would be dismantled and removed in-house.

New Business:

  1. Approved the creation of a WHS Art Club Activity Account
  2. Approved the quote from Potter and Sons for the asphalt repair work.
  3. Approved the updated graduation requirements for the 2024-2025 school year
  4. Approved the bus scrap bid from Cernovich for $1,425 for Bus #2
  5. Approved the single audit completed by Gorenz and Associates for FY2023
  6. Approved the Reveal 2020 math curriculum quote for 2024-2025 through 2028-2029
  7. Approved the ISDLAF resolution to reauthorize participation in the liquid asset fund
  8. Approved the FY25 CDP plan

Approved the HS Head Basketball Coach for the 2024-2025 school year

Approved Erin Lopez as 3rd grade Teacher for the 2024-2025 school year

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