The Whiteside Forum Returns to The Odell Public Library


The Whiteside Forum kicks off their 2023-2024 Season with guest expert Wolf Koch speaking to  ENERGY TODAY 2023 –– FACTS & FICTION on Sunday afternoon September 24 in the Community Room of the Odell Public Library in Morrison.  This event will begin at 2:00pm and is located at 307 S. Madison St. and is open to everyone free of charge.

More than 40 years ago, in 1977, the US Department of Energy was created and charged with managing US energy interests. Since that time we have experienced oil and natural gas shortages and surpluses, large fluctuations in energy prices, the emergence of new energy sources, and the birth of biofuels, photovoltaic and wind generation industries.

Much has changed in the regulatory landscape with mandates on emissions, consumption, the use of biofuels and electric vehicles. During this time, the public has been exposed to a barrage of countless soundbites, politically-biased rhetoric and fearmongering, with a dearth of actual, objective facts and data on which to base opinions and decisions for viable energy alternatives. This presentation will focus on today’s issues with transportation fuels usage, pricing and outlook, covering changing mandates, materials compatibility problems with biofuels and review the ever changing landscape of electric alternatives.

Wolf Koch has been providing presentations and seminars on energy topics for over two decades. His experience in the energy industries spans more than 45 years, starting with petrochemicals process development, moving to corporate strategic planning at a major oil company, managing process development and strategic planning for alternative fuels, including processes for generating liquids from coal and natural gas. Dr. Koch founded Technology Resources International, Inc. in 1995.

Please join us for a thought provoking presentation and the all important question and answer session that follows.  For more information about the Whiteside Forum, this event, or an update on our season please contact Marc Adami by email [email protected], or test 815-718-5347, or Whiteside Forum on Facebook.

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