The Whiteside Forum Scheduled for Sunday, March 26th


The Whiteside Forum will host a panel discussion on Sunday March 26th in the Community Room of the Odell Public Library talking about agriculture today.

The title of the presentation is “Farm Life, Feeding the World and Future Farmers” and the panel will include: Kevin Larsen, Agriculture Professor, Sauk Valley Community College; Rachel Eissens, US Department of Agriculture, Morrison; Dr. Michael Selover, SVCC Ag. Instructor; Ron Lawfer, a dairy farmer from Kent who milks with robotic milkers; and Don Temple, our local Farm Bureau board president.

The Odell Public Library is located at 307 S. Madison St. Morrison, IL and the program will begin at 2:00 pm.  All Forum events are free and open to the public and audience participation during the question and answer period is encouraged.

Our speakers will give short presentations on what they do and what they hope for.  Your questions and concerns can further our understanding in a moderated discussion.  What is farm life like today now that farmers constitute only 1percent of the US population?  How will we feed an ever increasing global population without degrading our environment and particularly the environment downstream?  What challenges do farmers face today?

The USDA defines a farm as any place that produced and sold – or normally would have produced and sold – at least $1000 of agricultural products during a given year.  Do you or could you qualify?  What are your questions about farm life, farming practices and future trends?

For more information about this event or The Whiteside Forum contact Marc Adami by text 815-718-5347 or email [email protected].

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