Whiteside Forum at The Odell in Morrison March 24th


The Whiteside Forum welcomes  Prof. Norm Moline at 2:00pm on Sunday March 24th, in the Community Room of the Odell Public Library speaking on  “Why Taiwan Matters: Small Island, Important Place.”Dr. Moline is professor emeritus in Geography at Augustana College in Rock Island and is a frequent guest speaker at Whiteside Forum events and many venues around our area.

Taiwan is only one-fourth the size of Illinois but has twice as many people, and has the world’s 20th largest economy.. Linked with mainland China for several centuries, it has been independent with special connections to the U.S. for the last 70 years and now has a key role in East Asia’s economic geography and complicated international relations. These relations have grown even more complicated due to China’s desire to reincorporate the island. It is a place that deserves our attention.

The Odell Public Library is located at 307 S. Madison St., Morrison, IL and the presentation begins at 2:00pm, and is open to everyone free of charge.  All are welcome and your questions about Taiwan, China, and relations to the US are encouraged.

For more information about the Whiteside Forum, this event, or an update on our season please contact Marc Adami by email [email protected], or text 815-718-5347, or visit Whiteside Forum on Facebook.

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