Trick or Treat Times for Sterling, Rock Falls


The Rock Falls and Sterling Police Departments along with the Whiteside County Sheriff’s Office are encouraging youngsters in their cities and county to Trick-or-Treat onTUESDAY, OCTOBER 31st, from 4:30pm until 7:00pm 

Trick-or-treating should only be done at houses with their porch lights illuminated or otherwise inviting trick-or-treatersParents are encouraged to accompany their children and to know their children’s planned routeThe following are some safety recommendations

Wear costumes that the proper length to prevent tripping hazards and add reflective material for better visibility. Ensure masks are properly fit to allow the wearer to see their surroundings.  Accompany younger children. Go out during the daylight hours and bring a flashlight after dark. Watch for traffic and if you are driving, be cautious of the increased pedestrian traffic. Only accept wrapped or sealed candy and examine the candy prior to eating. If anything looks suspicious, don’t eat it. 

If you discover anything suspicious or potentially dangerous, please report it to policeYour safety is our concern. Have a safe and happy Halloween

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