Special Kneads Bakery in Galva Needs Some Help


Special Kneads Bakery has become a staple of the Galva community, a place where learning and belonging and acceptance are baked into the brilliant pastries, cookies, and other goodies at the shop. Run by Margaret Cortes as a place for her son Frankie to work and learn and grow, Special Kneads has grown to include other people from our community in that journey of learning and growing all while making wonderful treats. Sadly, over the last month or so, the output at Special Kneads Bakery has slowed due to the weather and the need to replace an aging furnace to make the building safe and warm. On December 28th, 2023, the kindly pair of Nicole and Jeremy Painter launched a GoFundMe campaign on behalf of Special Kneads Bakery in order to help Margaret and Frankie get a new furnace. As you’re likely aware, a new furnace for a large and older building is expensive. Thus, the goal of the GoFundMe is $5000.00. You can help reach that goal and help Special Kneads Bakery continue to help our developmentally disabled community while making incredible treats, by making a donation today. Find a link to th Special Kneads Bakery GoFundMe campaign here.

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