Court Updates from 1/12/2023


Nicole Daulton:  Nicole Daulton remains in custody on a $500,000 (10%) bond.  A Motion to Modify Bond Conditions was filed on December 15, 2023.  A verbal request to modify bond conditions was requested on December 14th to allow Daulton to have supervised phone conversations with the alleged victim, her daughter, at the victims request, according to Attorney Camp.  The request was granted and supervised phone calls are allowed at the discretion of the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) .  The Henry County Jail received a letter in the mail from the victim for Daulton.  The Jail is withholding the letter so Attorney Camp requested the letter be released to Daulton.  Judge Patton said the matter needs to be taken up in the companion case with Judge Cosby.  A written letter is considered a private communication and the bond conditions didn’t change to allow written communication.  The case is set for Final Pre-Trial on January 23, 2023, at 9 AM.  Nicole Daulton is charged with three (3) counts of Permitting the Sexual Abuse of a Child (Class 1 Felony).  Daulton is charged for allegedly allowing Melcon DeJesus to sexually abuse her minor child.  DeJesus is charged with four (4) counts of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child under 13.  Read more here.

Dalton Solomon:  Dalton Solomon did not show for his pre-trial conference.  His attorney, Attorney Thurman, did not know where his client was.  Attorney Thurman said he received an offer from the State that he believed was reasonable but had been unable to make contact with Solomon.  Attorney Thurman said he left messages for Solomon and Solomon’s father but had not heard back.  Judge Patton said he was nervous that Solomon had not been in contact with his attorney but granted a continuance.  The Jury Pre-Trial is continued to February 16, 2023, at 10 AM.  Solomon is charged with Grooming (Class 4 Felony) a 14 year old child using an Xbox to send sexually explicit messages.  Read more here.

David Rounds Jr:  David Rounds Jr. remains in custody on $1 Million Bond.  The Jury Pre-Trial is continued to February 16, 2023, at 10 AM.  Attorney Camp requested another continuance because it’s a fairly complex case.  Judge Patton said this is the last continuance.  Rounds is charged with Unlawful Restraint (Class 4 Felony) Kidnapping (Class 2 Felony), Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault (Class 1 Felony), Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse/Victim 13 to 17 (Class 2 Felony), Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse (Class 2 Felony) and Criminal Sexual Abuse/<5 years older than victim (Class A Misdemeanor).  Rounds allegedly kidnapped a 15-year-old female and held her against her will.  Read more here.

Dillon Schilling:  There has been difficuly organizing the TASC evaluation.  The two-hour evaluation is scheduled for January 17, 2023.  A two month continuance was granted to allow time to complete the evaluation process.  Schilling will receive a Treatment Alternatives for Safer Communities (TASC) Evaluation and, if he completes the program, the conviction will be removed from his record.  TASC is intended to help people with addiction problems and no prior record, that committed the crime due to addiction, a second chance to get help.  The Jury Pre-Trial is scheduled for March 16, 2023 at 1 PM. Schilling is charged with Armed Violence (Class X Felony), Residential Burglary (Class 1 Felony), Theft (Class A Misdemeanor), Possession of 30-100 grams of Cannabis (Class A Misdemeanor), Possession of a Forearm (Class A Misdemeanor) and Manufacture or Deliver 30-500 grams of Cannabis (Class 3 Felony).  Schilling is charged with breaking into and stealing from a house owned by Ian Bliss.  Read more here.

Justin Kirchner:  Justin Kirchner appeared in court with Attorney’s VanDerSnick and Paulson.  Attorney VanDerSnick said he hired an expert to inspect the blood and urine samples taken the day of the fatal accident.  A Motion Hearing and Jury Pre-Trial are scheduled for February 28, 2023, at 11:30 AM to discuss the blood and urine samples and the positive result for methamphetamine.  State’s Attorney Runty said she wants clarification from Mr. VanDerSnick regarding the inspection of the samples.  State’s Attorney Runty said she is hesitant to have the samples go back-and-forth and wants to retain the chain of custody.  Justin Kirchner is charged with Aggravated DUI Causing Death (Class 2 Felony) plus traffic citations.  Kirchner is charged with crossing the center line, striking Jeanne Johnson head-on, causing the death of Jeanne Johnson North of Annawan on Highway 78 on September 8, 2022.  Read more here.

Michael Raymond:  Michael Raymond, 49, of Newman Georgia remains in custody on a $75,000 (10%) bond.  Attorney Carmen met with Michael Raymond for the first time on Thursday.  Attorney Carmen requested a continuance because he hasn’t seen any discovery and just met with his client.  A Jury Pre-Trial is scheduled for February 16, 2023, at 1 PM.   Michael Raymond waived his Preliminary Hearing and Formal Arraignment on December 27, 2022.  A Motion hearing to reduce bail or release on own recognizance was denied on December 28th.  Michael Raymond is charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Felon (Class 3 Felony) and Possession of Meth <5 Grams (Class 3 Felony) from an incident on December 14th.

DeShawn Stanley:  DeShawn Stanley, 30, of San Diego California remains in custody on a $500,000 (10%) bond.  The Defense received an offer from the State on Thursday and requested a continuance to allow time to review the offer.  A Jury Pre-Trial is scheduled for February 16, 2022, at 1 PM.  A warrant was issued for Stanley on June 4, 2021, from testimony taken from Trooper Peck of the Illinois State Police.  The warrant was recalled and reissued on July 16, 2021, to amend the name on the warrant.  DeShawn Stanley was arrested on the warrant on March 7, 2022, and remanded to the Henry County Jail on the $500,000 bond.  Stanley waived his Preliminary Hearing and Formal Arraignment on March 14, 2022.  DeShawn Stanley is charged with Methamphetamine Trafficking (Class X Felony), Delivery of Meth/900 + Grams (Class X Felony), Possession of 900+ grams of Meth (Class X Felony), Cannabis Trafficking/>5000 Grams (Class X Felony), Delivery of Cannabis/>5000 Grams (Class X Felony), Possession of Cannabis/>5000 Grams (Class 1 Felony), Obstruct Justice/Leave the State (Class 4 Felony), Resisting a Peace Officer (Class A Misdemeanor) and Armed Violence (Class X Felony) from an incident on June 4, 2021.

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